Boot Camps

Leadership Initiatives conducts customized training programs known as Boot Camps for companies

Boot Camp Teams are small work groups that are coached through processes using learning by participation- interactive instruction that studies prove to be up to 80% more effective than passive training.

The goals are very company-specific. Two examples of boot camps:

Walking a team through a Lean Value Stream mapping exercise.
Exploring and evaluating why equipment efficiencies are down.

These teams are usually 4-10 people in size. They’re designed to teach teams how to evaluate problem causes and build projects to eliminate the issues. They learn step-by-step processes and immediately put them to use to reinforce the training.

Some camps are five consecutive days with follow up days thereafter, while other camps may be one day/week for 3-6 weeks. These interactive training sessions are proven to be the most effective means of teaching real-world problem and solution processes.


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