Workers skills

Plant floor workers and office staff are key to customer satisfaction. Sometimes what they produce is the actual product that a customer ends up with and sometimes they are supporting production of the product.  If customers are dissatisfied, the entire company is affected. And as everyone knows, if customers are not happy, no one is happy.

Are you seeing these outputs?

  • Workers don’t care
  • Morale is non-existent
  • Workers have ideas but no one will listen
  • Skills are given for one particular task – no cross training
  • Product quality is being repaired as it goes out the door
  • Management has to force workers to get task completed
  • Customer complaints continue to pile up on your plate
  • There is no skill building with workers
  • Safety issues
  • Production is at a crawl
  • On time delivery is past due again.



At Leadership Initiatives we believe the staff and plant floor workers are keys to business success. And we believe every worker wants to do a good job. They want to make a difference. We build line side training skills workers can use whenever the timing is right. Skills such as quality training, team building, self-directed work teams, suggestion systems, problem solving modules, and others give workers and office staff new skills aimed at building company success. Managers are happy because workers give solutions, not just gripes. Supervisors are happy because workers are building a tight team. Most importantly, customers are happy because the final product they receive is on time and mistake free. The environment becomes repeatable and sustainable as worker skills rise.