Human Performance System

Human Performance System – Cultural work environment

Culture is the environment businesses thrive in. Culture is what workers do when the boss is away. There are many words for this; performance systems, human environment etc. No matter how you slice and dice the system, the performance culture of the business totally determines its fate. The phrase “the beatings will continue until moral improves” type of atmosphere only invites disastrous consequences to the organization. And the human aspect of culture is being forged every moment of everyday. The question is – will you manage your culture or will you let it manage you? Culture is the one piece of the puzzle that, if done well, allows a company to survive in shark infested waters. It lets companies grow in global turmoil, survive when the next economic crisis hits, and become world class within its own niche. Many companies just need to tweak some of their systems, while others need a total transformation of culture. But doing nothing while competitors grow is economic suicide. Transforming business as usual into a culture of accountability gives sustainably because workers have a stake in the outcome.  If you change the culture, you change the game.

Management Growth – Every successful company has good managers. They are the “go-to” leaders that, when problems occur, people look to them for guidance. A culture of consistency helps managers ask the right questions, builds worker morale, and makes a company crisis proof. Building managers into go-to leaders is a must for any company to survive. Coaching, mentoring, and other transforming tools help build managers into world class leaders.

Supervisory – World class companies don’t just happen, and world class workforces don’t just happen. A properly skilled supervisor, at any level of business, has power of the most positive kind. But a supervisor that creates an atmosphere of hostility, one where workers run for cover, creates a barrier of trust that make chaos and turmoil within the ranks.

Skill Building – The single most maneuverable asset a company has is its human capitol. Every full time employee has value, or they would not be with the company. Raising the skills a worker has creates more maneuverability and, in turn, increases company value. Skills must be clear and easy to replicate, yet be powerful. And there is power in the simplicity of good skills. Giving workers training alone will not work. There must be a culture that supports their growth, or training is just an effort in futility, and workers are made the scape goats for operational problems.

Performance Management – Human performance is a product of the culture and totally adjustable. However, it does not just happen. It is created every day. It is the experience a worker has that creates their beliefs, and from those beliefs, accountability arrives. The accountability (which includes loyalty, morale and drive) a worker has, produces the results a business has. When the performance system encourages workers’ willingness to take risks, speak up when issues arise, and stand behind their work, you have a world class company. A company that is predictable, sustainable and can fight off any attack a weak economy can throw at it.