What they are saying:

Testimonials from Steve Reissig’s clients and colleagues.

Sam Bernstine

Partnering with clients in an empowered team environment to increase productivity, enhance quality, and decrease costs

I have known Steve Reissig for almost 30 years. Steve is a quality person who has integrity, character, and a desire to always help others. He is very competent in Problem Solving Training, Coaching and Facilitation. Steve also has skills in Project Management and in the Implementation of Organizational Development initiatives as a former Consultant. Steve is a great presenter and a very good listener with very effective interpersonal skills!

Jeffrey Mcclain

Senior Product Engineer / Technical Problem Solver/Program Management Leader

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Steve the past two & a half years at Inteva during which time he was a reactive problem solving instructor and completed his path to Shainin Red X Journeyman certification. As a teacher and a coach, Steve knew his material and was always well prepared. More importantly, he was always patient and understanding when coaching green belt candidates making sure they understood the reasons behind the methods. He is able to break complex issues down into simple concepts and demonstrates those concepts by relating his own personnel experiences. As a seasoned veteran, Steve is quick to respectfully suggest another approach when he sees other instructors are not getting their point across. As an individual problem solver, I have witnessed Steve work hard to absorb new material and skills that he is unfamiliar with. He demonstrates the sheer tenacity that is needed when tackling issues were the root cause is well hidden. I highly recommend Steve to any organization engaged in reactive problem solving, both as a mentor and as an individual problem solver.

James Tye

Manager at Inteva Products LLC • Greater Detroit Area

Steve has been an employee at Inteva Products since July 2017 and I have been Steve’s manager during his entire time here. It has been my pleasure and privilege to work with Steve during his time at Inteva. The things that impress me most about Steve are his positive attitude and his willingness to go out of his way to help others. In addition, Steve is a hard worker and does whatever it takes to get the job done. I am happy to recommend Steve for the position of problem solving engineer, coach, and instructor.

Dan Lochmann

Reactive Master Black Belt Mobile

This letter will recommend Steve Reissig as a trainer and as a technical problem solver based on my experience working with him over nearly three decades.

I first met Steve when he was working for Honda in Marysville, OH in the early 1990’s. I was working as a consultant for Kepner-Tregoe at the time. Honda selected Steve to attend an in-plant Analytic Trouble Shooting class which I taught.

Not long after that Honda chose Steve to attend a two week long Leader Development Institute to become an ATS instructor. I co-taught that LDI. Steve performed well and completed the LDI (some people do not). His first teach was observed by a Kepner-Tregoe checkout instructor and he was certified by K-T to teach ATS at Honda.

Steve later joined Kepner-Tregoe. He and I occasionally worked together during my 15 years at Chrysler/FCA; he as a KT contractor and I as an engineer, problem solver and trainer.

Subsequently I recommended Steve to be hired at Inteva Products, LLC as a problem solver and trainer. He was hired in July, 2016. We have worked in the Inteva Black Belt Group since then.

Steve works to learn and grow. We worked together on a number of problem solving projects several of which he led. In 2019 he added an Inteva Reactive Black Belt certification and a Shainin Red X Journeyman certification to his credentials. Steve also taught several Inteva Green Belt classes using his Kepner-Tregoe expertise.

Over the time I have known him I found Steve to be hard working, routinely pleasant and easy to get along with, scrupulous in his responsibilities and temperate in his habits. I am pleased to recommend Steve as an experienced trainer and problem solver.

Terri Nichols

Seeking qualified individuals for professional positions in the manufacturing and refractory industries

Steve and I worked together on a team when we were hiring several hundred new associates for Honda’s production line. He helped us solicit support from production and administration for the many interviews we needed to schedule. Steve was a pleasure to work with and was always willing to help. He would be an asset to any organization he works for.

Barry Edwards

Award-winning Designer/Marketer | Podcast host/producer

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Steve for about 10 years now. Steve is an extremely down to earth, positive and intelligent person. I’m awed by his credentials as being one of the original people in charge of instituting LEAN into Honda’s US operations in the 80’s. He’s subsequently done this for many other companies over the years with incredible success. Steve single-handedly gives companies of various sizes an incredible ROI with his services!

Lorie Simpson

Workforce Development Specialist at Self-Employed Training and Education Consultant

I’ve had the privilege of attending some of Steve’s classes and working with him on projects and problem solving opportunities. What Steve brings to the world of problem solving (which let’s face it can be dull) is a light, fun approach! You will be jumping for joy and excited to use the problem solving tools you will become expert at using based on the training you will receive. I would gladly collaborate with Steve on any project or training endeavor in the future. You know you will find the right answer to the problem/issue and have a great time getting there!