Problem Solving

Solving problems is the most critical process workers must have. Unfortunately, most workers learn to solve problems from trial and error, so problems are counter measured with lots of Band-Aids.   This only fogs the actual root cause, and the risk of the problem returning leaves managers sleepless at night.

Do you see these issues at your business?

  • Problem is not clearly defined – or workers are looking for a single solution to 20 problems
  • No one asking for real data
  • Workers using a trial and error method to eliminate the issue
  • Problems resurface after workers say they are fixed
  • Customer complaints rising because of root cause failures
  • A simple countermeasure installed and no one asking why it happened
  • No follow up to confirm problem was eliminated
  • No one looks to the future to head off potential problems that could have impact
  • Managers doing the work


We use our problem solving methodology to confirm what the actual problem is, use a set of actual data points, and find the cause of the problem. Then we can select the countermeasure that will correct the problem and confirm it won’t happen again. The methodology is data driven, not hear-say information that many problem solving processes use. More importantly, the process is repeatable because it can be used any place, in any situation.  The process is easy to use and works every time. Managers will be given clear facts to the problem and how it was counter measured that will eliminate those sleepless nights.