The single biggest change any worker can make is when they change from a single producer to supervising and motivating others. There are skills anyone who supervises another should have in order to be effective. But many companies believe that when someone is promoted to a supervisory position, that worker already possesses those skills and abilities. They mistake drive and ambition with supervisory skills.

Do you see these problems?

  • New supervisor ego makes workers run for cover
  • HR or water cooler discussions are about poor supervisor skills
  • Supervisors complaining that workers won’t get job done
  • Legal problems stemming from unethical supervision
  • My way or the highway form of supervision
  • Department managers spend their time mopping up issues created by poor supervisor skills



At leadership Initiatives we have workshops that are designed to transform a poor to average supervisor to a world class team leader. Project Management, Problem Solving and Leadership skills, presented in a safe environment, allow the supervisor to learn a skill, practice it in safety and then use it in the work environment. Every skill is clear, repeatable in various situations and able to be used with little preparation. Perfect for growing outstanding teams and create a world class culture of performance.