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Most successful companies have done varying degrees of Lean training, but often find inefficiencies creeping back into their culture

Simply infusing Lean processes will not lead to a sustainable and effective Lean environment. Lean Culture Transformations require instilling hard wired pathways that drive the culture through changes that occur through time.

Leadership Initiatives is typically commissioned to adjust or re-educate company cultures that have fallen back into bad habits or perhaps have undergone substantial operations changes due to technology advances.

Lean Culture Transformation consists of complete training in all facets of Lean Management

Lean Lite solutions focus on defined departments or teams and usually incorporate limited facets of Lean Management.


Many factors contribute to company cultures finding waste creeping back into their processes and culture:

  • The natural turnover in personnel over time without adequate onsite Lean indoctrination
  • New divisions have been developed to accommodate new products or services
  • Economic changes that required restructuring of the company
  • New technology or equipment that drastically changes processes

Falling out of Lean manufacturing processes is typically identified when overall morale takes a dip and levels of management point fingers and workers cannot shoulder the blame themselves.

Regardless of how or why the inefficiencies have crept back into the company culture, the first thing that Leadership Initiatives provides is HOPE. Steve Reissig’s experience instilling Lean culture spans three decades with over 100 US companies in over 20 industries.


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The Leadership Initiatives Road to Lean Recovery

Infusing a company with sustainable Lean transformation

1. The Assessment Phase: On site. In person. Typically 1-2 days

Every American company and its workers take a lot of pride in their products, services and efforts. Steve Reissig recognizes this and begins the Assessment Phase – recognizing what is being done well and who is best keeping things on the appropriate Lean track.

Steve meets with representatives of executives, management and workers and begins to formulate the initial Company Assessment.

2. The Company Assessment presentation. On site. Typically 1-2 days

The Company Assessment is an objective outline of existing processes and findings of where the inefficiencies have infiltrated the system. It evaluates the leadership roles, worker roles, system breakdowns and logistical inefficiencies. The final outcome of expected improvements projected is called the Bottom Line Recovery.

The Company Assessment provides the recommended training and system improvements necessary to achieve the expected level of Bottom Line Recovery.

The second part of the Company Assessment is the process of obtaining feedback from the executives and refining the Company Assessment as needed. Upon agreement and executive buy in, The next phase begins: Training Implementation

3. Training Implementation. On site. Typically 1-2 days

Training Implementation consists of three parts:
  • Identifying Lean Champions: These are designated leaders in all company levels: Executive, Management and Worker. These people will be instrumental in nurturing the Lean practices in Phase 4 and thereafter
  • Worker buy in indoctrination: These important meetings will ensure the necessary buy-in of workers at the floor level by identifying their rewards system.
  • Actual hands-on training and assessment of improvements

4. Accountability/Sustainability Phase. Off site. 3 months

The Accountability/Sustainability Phase is what makes Leadership Initiatives your unique solution to lifelong Lean sustainability! This is an efficient, 6 month online follow up with our Lean Champions to ensure that our training will become habitual, solutions and processes are ingrained into the culture, and most importantly, that our agreed upon Bottom Line Recovery goals are on track to be met.

  • Weekly Online Huddle: Our first month consist of weekly accountability meetings that address 3 things:
    • Have goals from previous week been met?
    • Setting goals for next week
    • Q and A session
  • Monthly Online Huddle: Our final 2 months together will address 4 things:
    • Have goals from previous month been met?
    • Setting goals for next month
    • Q and A session
    • And most importantly, that our agreed upon Bottom Line Recovery goals are on track to be met.

Leadership Initiatives provides an unprecedented success rate instilling Lean culture in a unique way that promotes lifelong sustainability. Contact Steve today to schedule a consultation!