Management Growth

As companies grow, managers are needed to fulfill the strategic plan for the organization.  Managers can be promoted from within or found through a hiring process. Issues arise because work procedures and department managers are all different. This causes a disconnect with company culture and confusion on how work gets done.

Are you seeing these issues at your company?

  • Manager frustration with staff and workers
  • Worker confusion
  • Morale gone
  • No team growth
  • Manager makes all decisions
  • There is no respect
  • Managers don’t trust workers abilities
  • Workers transferring out of managers department
  • “Heads will roll” type of manager behaviors
  • Department is always in chaos and no direction
  • Manager takes no responsibility for issues
  • Inappropriate treatment of workers ends up in HR offices.


At Leadership Initiatives we believe a manager has a key role in a company’s drive for excellence. We know there are lots of good human analyses tests, such as Meyers Briggs and others, but what managers really need is skill at the moment of contact. We coach managers in the art of managing others. We teach managers repeatable skills that allow them to actually MANAGE workers with respect, which results in freeing managers up to build world class environments. Workers feel valued, respected and willing to take responsibility on their shoulders.