Other Training Services

Decision Analysis Coaching

When a business has a major decision to make, and a clear analysis is needed, we lead a decision team. We send out a pre meeting questionnaire to the leader so information will be available for the meeting. We then meet with the team from the company who are delegated the task of selecting the best option between alternatives and lead them through a formal decision Analysis. We look at risk and come to some solution at that time.


Problem Analysis Coaching

When a business has a problem that either they can’t find the root cause, or they don’t have a formal way to systematically get to root cause, come an lead a formal problem analysis. We send out pre information so the team can gather data before we come, we then meet with team members an facilitate a formal systematic problem analysis to find a root cause. Once that is found, we also do a why-why analysis just for more understanding and then build a case to eliminate the cause.


Project Pre-Execute Review

We meet with a project team, contractors and anyone else associated with an up-coming project and walk step by step to make sure the work packages are ready, potential problems and risk are identified, and the project is ready to be executed.


Train the Trainer or Internal Consultant Training

We work with people who need to learn the skills of facilitating others through training courses or how to work as an effective internal consultant.


Issue resolution

Sometimes a project or business function is floundering and there seems to be not clear understanding of why or what to do.  We send out a pre-questionnaire, meet with the team and sort out and clarify issues, set some type of priority, a plan of action and finally responsibility is given to the proper person or department.


Managers: Excellence Skill Building

When managers want to build top performing staff members, we give them the tools to drive exceptional staff performance. Tools like performance management, delegation, meetings, involvement management, resolving issues and other skills that make an average manager top notch. It helps increase workers moral, drives results and give them confidence to work with their staff. We also coach and mentor managers to apply optimal skills for excellent staff performance.

And many more! Please call our office with your issue and we will help you resolve your issues.