Performance Management

The human performance system is the carrot and stick of the business world. Workers encounter a particular situation, and how the worker handles the situation is has a lot to do with the performance system. Too many times, workers, trying to do a good job, are given discouraging consequences for their performance.

Are these the performance indicators you are seeing?

  • Workers stop doing good work
  • Discouraging consequences when workers do good work, i.e. more work
  • Encouraging consequences are given for poor performance, i.e. time off work
  • Morale is dropping
  • Human Resources is full of frustrated personnel
  • Workers don’t know what is expected of them or feel they can’t attain the expectations
  • Workers don’t know what is wrong or how to do better
  • Mixed signals when work is performed



At leadership Initiatives we help build a culture of encouraging performance for workforce growth.  Using a performance model, we analyze every aspect the work system from setting expectations, to the task itself, and finally, the consequences given for the behavior. We work with management to understand where the performance system needs adjustment and then help design a solution that builds accountability and loyalty in the workforce. It then becomes cultural and is sustainable with time.