2 or 3 Day Project Management

Essential Skills for Project Managers

project management process by Steve Reissig, Leadership InitiativesToday, projects are the way work gets done. Yet many projects fail to meet their objectives, despite being funded and managed by capable people. Project failure is often caused by a lack of fundamental project management skills among business professionals.

Leadership Initiatives, LLC, Project Management Fundamentals combines the technical and people skills that are needed for effective project management. Our practical, step-by-step approach results in the successful management of projects, regardless of size or complexity. We follow the Project Management Institutes Body of Knowledge (PMBOK® Guide) processes to ensure a complete learning experience.

Drawing on our proven experience, Leadership Initiatives Project Management provides the capabilities needed to bring projects in on-time and on-budget.

Our comprehensive method for strengthening the project management expertise in organizations consists of four distinct phases:

project manegment class photo2 by Steve Reissig, Leadership Initiatives1) Preparation: Carefully structuring the program by developing clear, visible objectives and designing the training to give the students complete but not complex skills that give them maximum results

2) Instruction: Using instructors that have experience in planning and implementing projects; customizing the workshop based on client objectives; planning and delivering training.

project manegment class photo1 by Steve Reissig, Leadership Initiatives3) Facilitative Learning: Students learn best by doing the skill they taught. They are put into teams and together they develop a project that allows for maximum hands-on learning and retention.

4) Application: Appropriately allowing students to use the skills taught on their own job applications, thus they will be planning a project that they will need back on the job.

NOTE – This is NOT a computer class, and no computer skills are required. There will be discussions around what some of the computer screens will look like, and how the skills can be used with computer programs. Our feedback has revealed many participants felt this class should come before a computer class, because then they have an understanding of what steps they are trying to produce when using the software.

(PMBOK® Guide is a registered mark of the Project Management Institute, Inc.)


The difference between the 2 day and the 3 day classes: 

The 2 day does not include the “People skills” that make up day 3  – Meetings, Communications, Performance, Delegation etc.).

2-Day Project Management Class Itinerary

3-Day Project Management Class Itinerary