Project Issues

Critical planning and execution of projects are the life blood of any organization. Whether it be a short term maintenance or office project, or a long term outage or new product implementation, a clear path and identified risks help pave the way make sure projects are on time and on budget.

Can you identify with any of these project issues?

  • Poor project planning or no project planning at all
  • Planning takes place in workers heads
  • Managers spending critical time directing project managers how to do a plan
  • Massive scope and cost creep
  • Plans have no documentation to follow
  • Minimal risk identified
  • Project time explodes
  • No control of project steps, and costs skyrocket
  • Project members frustrated with the project manager


Through Leadership Initiatives project management step by step skill building, along with management education, projects will become well thought through.  With all task steps managed and risks identified with preventive plans in place, the cost and time will be reduced. Project member’s morale will increase because they will feel engaged in the process and communication will flow. The entire company project culture will change as management can trust project planners, knowing there will be little surprise to tend with. Whether it is a formal 3 day training class, on the job skill building, mentoring, or a project review, having a project ready to implement is critical to business success.