Organizational Development/Employee Relations

Organizational workforce development and employee relations are the wings beneath your company

Organizational workforce development and employee relations are some of Steve’s strengths.  He has a passion to help companies sort out their current employee situations and then help them design a strategic workforce development program. Whether it is just a simple course adjustment, or a complete overhaul is needed, Steve will coach any company through the steps to help grow their workers. And when workers have good skills and processes, management can spend less time overseeing tasks.

Employee relations is also an extremely important, yet often overlooked, part of the work environment. Steve believes that a good and respectful work culture is the best way to show employees that they are the company’s most valuable asset. Even programs such as suggestion systems, self- directed work teams or employee involvement systems can change the work atmosphere. There are always issues and distractions that can cause a hostile or a high friction work environment, leading to irritation among workers. Using an outside set of eyes and engaging workers with good questions can usually get to the bottom of workplace irritability. Steps can then be put in place to make a more respectful and happier workplace for employees.

Please call the office to set up a free fact finding mission with Steve.