Operational excellence only comes when the business performance system is in alignment with the company strategic goals. Every task, action and project needs to be pointed at the business goals or turbulence, waste and chaos becomes the norm. Leadership Initiatives provides clear thinking skills and processes that can be used in a multitude of situations that will drive workers performance to a new plateau.

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Project issues:  Businesses are placed in an economic situation requiring capital projects to be well planned, communicated, and executed with precision. No company can survive when projects run astray and become out of control.

Solving problems: When problems occur, the methodology and process used to get to the root cause is critical to survival. Putting Band-Aids on symptoms is no longer an acceptable practice, since this only adds to cost and increases the chance of dissatisfied customers.

Outages and Shutdowns: Every company has outages or shutdowns of one type or another. Whether it is a piece of equipment needing critical maintenance or an office planning a move, things have to be shut down and re-started with clarity and a well thought through process, or mayhem can ignite.

Process Effectiveness: Companies stay in business because of their operational processes. Office workers need to produce outputs, factory workers need to produce products, and so on. And if the processes used are time consuming or weighted down with excess waste, costs skyrocket and quality suffers.

Cost Reduction: Businesses know that waste is one of the biggest money pits they can fall into. Everything from workers standing around to excess materials or parts just adds costs that are could be avoided. But just cutting workers or eliminating needed materials to save money could have a reverse impact and cause long term damage to your business.