Office environments have their own unique set of circumstances, yet are as vital as any other production unit. Their ability to function and produce outputs needed is critical to every company’s success. Whether it is purchasing supplies, marketing ideas or paying workers, office employees have a vital role in final product.

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Process Issues – Every job in the office is a process aimed at completing a final output. Just like an assembly line, how well the process is completed determines its effectiveness.

Workflow problems – Office workflows tend to get bogged down in bureaucracy and politics, and workers end up doing more work than needed because of poor workflow. Bottlenecks are everywhere and tend to bring the task to a standstill. Purchase orders take forever, bills go through the gauntlet and suppliers never seem to get paid, all the while production looks to the office for support.

Critical decisions –one of the basic jobs of the support office is making critical decisions that affect everyone. Decisions must be data driven, using facts and information, not just vague ideas without any backup. Recommendations for support need to be well thought through with a process that shows that the critical objectives are met, and risks are identified and prevented.

Project planning – Projects in the office support the final outcome of the business. These projects must be handled with clear tasks and outcomes, or workers will struggle to complete their assignments. Projects help support the company framework, helping to increase quality of the final product.