Overall Solutions

Whether you are a small company that just needs some specific capability building or a large company that is transitioning into a new work environment, Leadership Initiatives is here to help. Our passion is to understand clearly what issues you are dealing with, and then design a roadmap to lead you to your goal. If you have a training department and just need some skill building, we offer several excellent workshops that will support your strategic business plans.

Operations – solutions that help support production areas of the company, i.e. manufacturing, mining, or other production type plant.  Specialized processes such as Lean, Overall Equipment Effectiveness and SPC are useful to increase quality while decreasing cost.

Office – whether it is a production staff office or a business that is an office environment, we offer solutions that support your workers to their fullest capability. New product implementation, trouble shooting, or even office moves require excellent worker skills.

Human Performance – Workers produce best when their work environment is supportive of their task. Bureaucracy, rules and procedures or just plain consequences for a task determine how workers produce at their task. Whether it is a single department, or an entire company, the culture is the key to superior performance.