Delegation Skills

How to delegate successfully

At the end of the class participants will be able to:

  • Understand what exactly delegation is, and what it is not
  • Understand what are the consequences of poor delegation
  • Know why managers micro manage staff and create unneeded frustration
  • Delegate with clear outcomes
  • Delegate in both plant and office situations
  • Use performance appraisal information to help grow your staff
  • How to turn delegation into coaching to build a winning team

What is Delegation?

Why not just do it all by yourself?

You can’t delegate without a level of trust

Delegation is not dumping

Preparing to pass a task on to another person

What is the actual task at hand?

What is the best approach to getting task accomplished?

Getting the right mindset

Set your ego aside

Have a clear WHY the task needs done – and how it supports goals

Understand most people can become anxious when starting a new task

How are you going to support them

Transferring the task

Be polite, kind and gracious when you ask – but must be serious

Where and when to transfer the task

Make sure all resources are ready (Materials, Money, Equipment, etc )

Start one step at a time

Don’t expect perfection all at once

Make sure they know what to do when something goes wrong

Lots of patience may be needed

Trust develops when you support positively

Allow them to ask questions

Allow the as much freedom as possible

Finalizing the transfer

Confirm that the Task is being completed correctly

Make adjustments as needed to make sure quality is being followed

Make sure they know what to do if a quality or functional issues happens

Check back often in the beginning

Patience, Patience, Patience

Recognize success to the worker OFTEN! Tell them thank you for their effort


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