Challenge: Expansion dilemma

A large oil producer in Houston, Texas was struggling to come to a viable solution regarding whether they should build a new oil refinery or build a pipeline and pump the crude oil to an existing refinery. The challenge before them was how to lay out all the information they had, see what information and data was missing, and then somehow make a rational decision.


Solution: Step by step analysis

We went to the oil producer and started to help them sort out just what they had already gathered into useable data. We then previewed the decision making process to 20 people so they understood just how the steps would work. Finally, we worked step by step through the process, capturing all the data and possible problems along the way.


Results: Quick, rational decision making achieved

After 2 days of gathering missing information and working through the process, the team came to a decision, pending two pieces if information they could not get clear information on at the moment. They were shown where to place the final pieces and were able to come to a rational decision that could be presented in a simplistic manner.

Due to the data driven process, all the critical risk presented and the ease in which the information was laid out, the executive board approved their decision in one meeting. (Side note – that company asked for several training classes so their staff members could learn the process for continued results in other areas.)