leadership training and problem solving skills.After 25 years in training and organizational development and working with people from banking to mining, from manufacturing to office environments, I still find that the set of skills needed to work with people remains pretty constant: The leader needs to clearly understand the goal of their division and then he or she requires the skills to motivate people toward those goals. Those skills, or lack thereof, are what separate the effective leader from the so-so supervisor. Knowing what it takes to to have a productive meeting, inspire another person to success, or have a good set of problem solving skills, creates respect and greases the wheels to success for all involved.

My experience in teaching leadership qualities to many people in many industries – and with many great, intelligent colleagues – is what inspired the curriculum of Leadership Initiatives. Effective leadership translates to advancement for the individual and for the company.

Too often people are rightfully promoted from within into leadership positions for the first time, but without the proper training to navigate their team. We’ve all seen the type of people in positions of power that try to intimidate or condescend to achieve their goals. These are people who know they lack true leadership skills and are trying to over-compensate to not get “found out”. These are people that we like to help the most – as it affects so many others.

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This article is provided by Leadership Initiatives to inspire you with leadership knowledge and training tips as you go through your busy day. Keep in mind, our 3 Core Classes: Project Management, Six Sigma Problem Solving and Leading Others for exceptional leadership training in and around the Cleveland area.