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Lean Culture Transformation: finding the best path to sustainable results

Simply infusing Lean processes will not lead to a sustainable and effective Lean environment. Lean Culture Transformations require instilling hard wired pathways that drive the culture through changes that occur through time.


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Lean Lite: Instilling only a couple of Lean processes

Lean Lite is available for teams that have an easily identifiable Lean process in place, but are looking for a tune up, or for smaller companies with known inefficiencies, but unknown solutions.

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Leaders guide your culture… for better or worse

Some people are born natural leaders, but most are not. Worker will follow leaders with clear interpersonal skills and are in lockstep with company values. These skills come with proper training. Proper training provides the skills to motivate their teams, keeping morale and productivity at all time highs. This training is especially important for recently promoted supervisors and managers.


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Steven R. Reissig: Helping companies build performance based Lean cultures

Training | Leadership | Process Standards

Steve, owner of Leadership Initiatives, LLC, has also held these job positions:
Senior Quality Engineer · Six Sigma Black Belt · Continuous Improvement Manager · Lean Consultant · Organizational Effectiveness Consultant

Steve began his career with Honda to help instill Lean culture in American companies

As a young man, Steve became a manager for the up and coming Honda car company on the assembly line. Steve then used this experience to create the Honda Training Center.

Steve conducted a companywide needs analysis and developed many creative skill-building sessions for both Honda associates and many of its suppliers. He instituted leadership mentoring and coaching that helped Honda associates become world class achievers.

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Case studies

ND Food company

Challenge: Reducing losses A large producer of food products was experiencing huge losses and the problem was continually getting worse. The executive board was talking about either closing or selling the plant. The plant was well over 100 years old, and many of its...

Detroit Big Three Auto Company

Challenge: Poor problem solving systems In the early 2000s, a Detroit Big Three auto company found itself struggling to find a common way to solve problems and make decisions. Excellent engineers all came from different backgrounds, different schooling and different...

Nuclear Plant Review

Challenge: Recurring problem A nuclear plant in the upper Midwest was asked by the nuclear regulatory commission why a problem they said they fixed had returned. Their report showed a problem solving process was used, so why did the problem need a second repair? What...

Metal Building Fabricator

Challenge: process breakdowns and frustrated customers A Midwest metal building fabricator was struggling with customer complaints due to missed shipments, late shipments and poor response time. Trucks were leaving the plant with parts missing or damaged parts. Part...

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