Resolving conflict in the workplace

At the end of the class participants will be able to:

  • Understand what causes conflict in the workplace
  • Understand what the positive consequences of conflict are
  • See what makes conflict worse
  • Search for the other persons point of view
  • Use a step by step method to dissipate the frustration that comes with conflict
  • The power of listening
  • Meet conflict head on and come to positive agreements
  • Stay focused on the issue or situation – NOT the other person
  • Seek WIN – WIN if possible


Making Data Driven Rational Decisions

Potential Project Problem Planning

Building Effective Work Teams

How to Motivate Workers and Staff

Delegating for Success

Making Effective Presentations

What is conflict?

  • What causes conflict to happen
  • What causes conflict to get worse
  • Why don’t we stop conflict in the beginning

Are there benefits of conflict?

  • What are some positive benefits of conflict
  • How can you use these benefits in a constructive method

How to head off conflict

  • What are the signs conflict is starting
  • What tactics can be used to head of a major conflict
  • It’s all in the approach

If conflict is inevitable – what immediate steps should be taken

  1. Take a breath of air – relax
  2. Attitude is most important – stop trying to be one up on the other person – because “I’m the Boss” attitude just fuels the fire
  3. Only one person talking at a time
  4. Communicate – which means listen – understand what and where the other person is coming from – 90% of conflict is usually something that is buried in someone’s values
  5. Repeat back to the other person what they are frustrated about – confirm and confirm
  6. DO NOT attack the other person, but maintain focus on the issue at hand
  7. Keep personal items out of the conflict – only talk about the issue that is causing the frustration
  8. After the other person shares their frustration, help them understand your side – why you have to take the position you need to take (It could be a company policy and you have no choice)
  9. Come to an agreement that best fits both parties (Within boundaries) – confirm

Remember – the conflict may only be in progress for 5 minutes – but how it is addressed will be seen for years!


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